Several schools in the country offer degree programs in forestry, resources and conservation. Read on to learn about these top schools.

In East Lansing the Michigan State University (MSU) their forestry faculty and forest resources were ranked by The Chronicles of Higher Education in 2007 as third in scholarly productivity. Its forestry majors can pick from one of the five concentrations, including ecological surveys and forest protection, wood items manufacturing and marketing, urban and group forestry, forest resource management or forest sciences. You may participate in a paid work study program; temporary position through privately owned businesses or government offices could be accessible too. In 1903, the MSU’s Tree Research Center is build and it is one of the three field exploration stations.

In Fort Collins the Colorado State University (CSU) were ranked as sixth productivity in forestry and forest resources, according to the study made by The Chronicles of Higher Education. Their forestry majors in the Warner College of Natural Resources may select a specialization like fire science, forest business, forest biology or forest management. Seminars related to forestry are offered all through the school year by the Rangeland, Watershed Stewardship or by the Department of Forest.

In Corvallis the Oregon State University (OSU) school faculty was ranked as fifth in productivity and first in references per papers for forestry and forest resources by The Chronicles of Higher Education. Their forestry degree is offered through two OSU divisions. A dual Bachelor of Science in Forest Engineering is accessible for qualified studies. Undergrad entry level positions are offered through OSU’s Forestry Cooperative Education Program. You could partake in a trade program with universities in New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Australia or Spain. Students in the maintainable forest administration graduate system can pick specializations like forest policy management and analysis, engineering for sustainable forestry and forest watershed management.